Tingling Numb Fingers Won't Go Away - How To Cure Finger Numbing

Tingling fingers could only mean two things. It is either due to lack of oxygen flowing to your fingers or that you have a nerve compression.
Numb fingers are also common among people who always use their hands in straining ways such as typing on a keyboard or writing for long periods of time.

How can you cure numb fingers? First, you have to consider your breathing. If you also have numbing of hands and tingling in the arms, then you might have a ventilation problem. Have your lungs and nostrils checked.
On the other hand, numbness of fingers from the wrist could mean carpal tunnel syndrome. Your nerves in the wrists are pressed or twisted. Numbness of fingers and wrists could spell simple wrist surgery.
Aside from fingers, you might also experience wrist or arm numbing, tingling in the neck and shoulders and even back numb while sitting. Always have your muscles checked by a doctor for nerve disease prevention.

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