The Cause Of Right Hand Numb Experience - Why We Get Right Hand Numbing

Numbing in the right hand happens when that particular part is subjected to extreme activities. Usually, the cause of right hand numb situation can be traced to the kind of activity you just did.

For most people, their right hands feel numbing because many are right handed. This can happen if you are writing for a long period of time or if you have been typing for more than an hour. Therefore, the real culprit for right hand numbing is strain.
What you can do to prevent right hand numbness? First, you have to take a break every 30 minutes from what you are doing. This is important for proper blood circulation. Second, you can take Vitamin B 1, 6 and 12 which are all vitamins for nerve repair. Lastly, you have to consult your doctor if the right hand numb that you have is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.
Make sure that you also monitor your other limb and see if you also have left hand numb. If this happens, then there might be something wrong with your nerves. Consult a physician.

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