Annoying Tingling Feet And Lower Body - You May Also Have Tingling Lips and Tingling Ears

Have you ever experienced having that tingling sensation in your feet? It is annoying because it seems that little ants are crawling in your skin. It can be accompanied with tingling ears or numb lips. Where do these numb and tingling sensations come from?

One possible reason of tingling feet is nerve damage. It could be that your nerves going to the legs are compressed and damaged.

This can happen when y ou strain yourself too much or of you lack Vitamin B1 B6 and B12. On the other hand, numbness of ears and tingling of lips could also mean TMJ. This is a joint disorder beside your ears that presses hard on the nerves.
How can we cure annoying tingling feet? For the first week, try to take Vitamin B complex. These are good vitamins for nerves repair. If the tingling and numbness spread to lower body and persist, then you need to consult a doctor. One possible cause of tingling and numbing foot is spinal damage.
Meanwhile, stress can also induce tingling sensation on the skin in any parts of the body. You could have tingling sensation at the back, tingling in the arms and tingling in the face. Make sure that you unwind once in a while.

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