Tingling Feeling In Your Skin Is Annoying But Could Be Dangerous

Have you ever felt those invisible crawling ant in your hands? Well, this is the same tingling feeling that you have if there is something wrong with your nerves. Apparently, people who feel hands tingling have some damage in the nerves either in the wrist or in the spinal cord.

If you have been experiencing tingling hands together with feet numbness, then it is probably because of a condition in your spinal cord and brain.

These can happen if there is a worn sheath of nerves. You can easily repair nerves by taking Vitamins B 1 6 and 12. These are nerve vitamins for tingling hands.
On the other hand, it is also possible to get feet numbness is you have poor blood circulation. You also need to have your blood pressure checked. A tingling skin with foot numbness should be brought to the attention of a doctor for proper treatment. You can request a doctor to check these possible causes of tingling skin hands:
Increased Blood Sugar
Nerve damage
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Herniated Lumbar Disc
Poor Immune System
If you are still worried, have a neurosurgeon do a check up for you.

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