Sharp Tingling In The Cheeks - Numbing Cheeks and Forehead When Stressed

It is really scary to experience a pricking sensation in the cheeks. It can be traumatic as well if you have sudden cheek numbness. However, there are real reasons why you have tingling feeling in the face.
We will cover now tingling sensations in your head and hands.

If you recently had tingling hands and numb fingers, chances are you will also soon experience getting a numb face. This is because the nerves are interconnected. On the face, it could be because of stress or that your TMJ is worsening. This is a dental condition where your nerves are pressed against your jaw joints. You may consult a doctor to give you a teeth splint.
Meanwhile, tingling hands and numbness of feet and lower body may mean something else. You need to undergo an MRI if your neurologist suspects that you have a brain or nervous system disorder. This way, he can provide you the best treatment for numb foot and numb hands.
On the other hand, numbness of hands and feet may also be due to increased sugar levels. Make sure to monitor your diabetes potential.

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