Best Natural Treatment For Foot Numbing And Tingling Hands

A lot of Americans are always complaining about their foot numbing. Actually, some experts will tell you that it is simply because of lack of oxygen in the body. However, the loss of feeling in your foot could mean something else. Therefore, any types of body numbness should be taken seriously.

A foot numbness together with tingling hands means that you have a nerve disorder.

Usually, the disorder is not so serious. However, you should always have your body check by a professional. One possible cause is that your nerves are losing its natural coating, the myelin sheath. When this happens, you will lose some sensitivity with pressure and temperature. That is why you will feel foot numbing. Numbness in the foot is accompanied by tingling hands if the spinal cord is the source of the disorder.
So what is the best natural treatment for foot numbing? Doctors recommend that you take Vitamins B 1, 6 and 12. These are all vitamins for healthy nerves and for repair. If you can secure a generic Vitamin B complex, then it is much better. You can take it once a day.
To further repair nerve damage, you can have your doctor take a look through MRI. Tingling hands and foot could also be because of diabetes. Have your blood sugar level checked if you frequently experience body numbness.

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