Numbing Hands At Night - How to Cure Numbing Hands and Foot

Everyday, people are sending questions about numbing hands and foot. Actually, there are so many reasons why you get numb hands. Sometimes, it will also go along with tingling hands and feet. What are the real causes for such feelings?

Well, you need to understand that numbness of the arms can result from a nerve damage. The most usual nerve damage that one can experience is carpal tunnel syndrome. You may need a specialist to diagnose this one. However, if you have numb arms at night, it is also possible that you are diabetic. Some studies show that you will experience finger and hand tingling sensation when you have elevated blood sugar. Therefore, you need to have your blood sugar checked.
On the other hand, a foot numbness could be a different thing all throughout. A person who recently had spinal surgery can experience this. You should have your doctor scan your back using an MRI.

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