How To Treat Numbing Foot - Numbing Feet Experience

The best remedy for numbing foot is to make sure that there is sufficient blood flow going to your foot. In this case, you can try to move your legs up and down to improve blood circulation.
However, there are times when a numb foot is not all about circulation.

One possible cause of numbing foot is extensive nerve damage. If you were recently surgically operated in the spine, then chances are some nerves were damaged. It could lead to foot tingling sensation, feet numbness and even foot pain from the legs.
In order to properly diagnose your numb feet situation, a chiropractor may be needed. However, you should also consult with your doctor and see whether there are nerve problems in your legs. To treat numbing foot means to treat the very cause of nerve damage. If you are also experiencing right hand numb or left hand numb during the day or night, you have to consult a neurologist immediately.

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