Scary Numb Arms And Hands - Some Finger Numbness May Be Due To Nerve Damage

It may be surprising to know that a numbing arm is common among Americans. Yes, there are thousands who also experience arm numbing like you do. Apart from that, you may also feel numb hands, numb fingers and numb shoulder up to cheeks.
However, there is one good reason why this happens to you.

A numb finger and numb palm of the hands tell you that your carpal tunnel syndrome is worsening. This is the compression of the nerves in your wrist. If you do not have a good keyboard or if you lifted a heavy object, then you will incur numb thumb and fingers or numb wrist. Some doctors may recommend wrist surgery to repair the nerves.
However, if you have numb arms up to the neck and shoulders, then the affected nerves are in your spinal cord. You need to have it checked by a doctor. In some cases, numb muscles in the forearm or even a numb biceps could only be due to stress.

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