Scary Numb Hands and Wrist - Numb And Tingling Fingers to Forearm

Suddenly, you feel that your fingers are tingling and your arms numbing. This is a sign that your nerves in the forearm are pressed. If this happens, then your wrist will also get numb and you will feel tingling in the forearm.
This is caused by the carpal tunnel nerves that are under pressure. If you want to know the cause of numb hands and wrist, then we will tackle such issue today.

Having numb wrist and forearm might be scary. However, you need to know that the reason for numbing and tingling in the upper body is due to the pressures in the nerves. What nerves are involved? Well, if you also have TMJ, then you feel tingling and numbness all over the upper body. This numbness will radiate to your shoulder up to the fingers. That is why you will experience pain in the jaw and at the same time tingling fingers and tingling shoulders.

If you can, contact a dental expert. On the other hand, the cause of numbness in forearm and numbness in arms may be due to diabetes. You have to test your blood sugar level this time. Otherwise, you could simply have an appointment with a physical therapist or a chiropractor.

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