Scary Tingling Toes And Foot - Numbness of Toes And Feet

You should not ignore the numbing of your toes and foot since it can lead to more problems. Tingling foot and toes are usually a sign of damage in the nerves.
Therefore, you must pay attention to the sensation especially if you are usually having numb arms and tingling hands in the past few days.

What is a tingling toe? This happens when there is a sensation that something is crawling to your feet. If you have numb legs and numb thighs, this will happen as well. Usually, the peripheral nerves in the legs are affected. However, numb feet and tingling toes are also a sign of diabetes. Diabetes is one of the primary causes of numbness in the body. Lower body numbing is prevalent. This is due to the increased sugar in the blood. Always have your blood checked.
Numbness of feet should be checked by a specialist. Never attempts to self diagnose.

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