Scary Numb Arms Won't Go Away - Numbing Arms Frequently

While there is nothing wrong with numbing arms, there could be more serious reasons for it. A numb arms is not as benign as it seems. If you are having numbing arms for the past few days, chances are you have nerve damage in the spine.
Usually, numb left arm or numb right arm comes from nerve conditions. It can be carpal tunnel syndrome or tingling arm due to stress.

Tingling arms and tingling fingers are all signs of nerve conditions. You should first take Vitamin B1, B6 and B12 for nourishment. They are nerve vitamins that could repair nerve threads. However, numbing arms and tingling fingers could mean more serious damage. Multiple Sclerosis is at the extreme end of the diagnosis. But you have to realize that simple numbness of limbs could also simply because of stress.
Remember, you should exercise daily to avoid stressful days. This will loosen up joints, improve blood circulation and makes you happier.
If you have other conditions such as numb legs or numb thighs, consult your doctor.

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