Is Numbness Of Lips And Hands Dangerous? - Numbness Of Left hands

Are you having numbness of lips together with hand numbness? It does not matter whether you have right hand or left hand numbness. What is more important is to identify the cause of numbness in the body. Apparently, there is a strong association between numbness and stroke.
However, bear in mind that numbness of hands could also mean something else.

What causes numbness of lips. This is usually due to TMJ that compress the nerves beside your ears. On the other hand, numbness in fingers and hands may be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Or, it could also mean nerve damage from your brain to spinal cord.
What are the remedies for numbness in hands? There are some therapy hand gloves that you can use. Moreover, you may take B Vitamins which aid in nerve repair and regeneration. If the symptoms persists or if you also have foot numbness, consult a doctor.

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