Scary Numb Thumb Cause - Causes Of Numb Thumb In The Hands

While a numb thumb is not a big deal, the cause of such a condition may be a big concern. Thumb numbness happens when there is lack of oxygen reaching the hands or when there is a damaged nerve fiber near them. The numbing of thumb caused by oxygen insufficiency may be solved by having better blood circulation and respiration.
A numb thumb may be accompanied with tingling sensation in the hands and arms. It is important to find the real cause of these numbness and tingling.

However, if the nerves are to blame, then you need to undergo tests to identify the real cause. It could be nerve damage in the spinal coming from the brain or a wrist nerve damage called carpal tunnel syndrome.
The numb thumb cause coming from nerve damage is more serious than simply lack of oxygen. In such a case, you need to know whether there is a problem with your nervous system like sclerosis or Alzheimer's or it is only a local nerve damage in the wrist. In any case, you may also take some nerve supplements like Vitamin B1 and B6. On the other hand, you may also feel radiating numbness in the hands or foot. If this happens, then you may have some nervous system concerns.
Not all numbness in the thumbs are related to the two situations we mentioned. Take note that diabetes could also induce numbness of hands and feet. You should also check your blood sugar level to make sure that the numb thumb cause is identified properly.
If it is bothersome for you, it is possible to seek the help of a neuropathy specialist. A good numb thumb remedy is to first exercise your digits. Also, a numb thumb treatment through peripheral neuropathy can help. There may be no numb thumb cure but you can deal with it with other physical therapy options.

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