Numb Hands That Wont Go Away - What Is The Best Cure Treatment For Numbing Hands?

A tingling sensation in the hands is not at all a nice feeling. It is bothering and you wish that it would soon go away. However, a numb hand that wont go away for a long time could mean something terrible. While there are cases when numb hands are simply due to stress or lack of oxygen, peripheral neuropathy and nerve damage are the next possible causes, something that you do not want to have.
Right numb hand that wont go away is the same as having it in the left hand. You must act quickly in diagnosing the problem.

Why do we get numbing of hands? As mentioned above, it could be nerve damage. Some damages in the nerve paths could make you feel tingling sensation in the hands, burning sensation on the skin and sudden jerking of the limbs. However, the manifestation of long term and chronic hand numbing means there is sever damage.
On the other hand, some underlying causes of hand numbing could be attributed to more serious diseases. Diabetes can cause your hands to get numb as well as your feet to feel numbness.
What are the best treatments for numb hands? Make sure to have plenty of rest and make your life stress free. You can also wear some hand therapy gloves. Meanwhile, have your blood sugar checked to see if diabetes is the cause. Lastly, consult with a neuropathy specialist to see if your nerves are damaged.

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