Numb Hands - Numbing of Hands Have Many Causes Like Peripheral Neuropathy

I know how terrible it is to experience numb hands. It seems like you are losing the control over your hands. Now, if you have panic attacks or OCD, this simple thing could get worse. However, there are some reasons why numbing of hands happen.

Let us enumerate here what these probable causes are. Tingling hands sensation may mean something that you are not aware of.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - When you experience long hours of hand usage, say for example typing on your keyboard, then the nerves in your wrists get strained. This will cause an interruption of signal coming from your brain. You may rest your hands for a while but in sever cases, carpal tunnel syndrome surgery may be necessary.
Lack of Vitamin B1 B6 and B12 may also be the cause of numb hands. These vitamins strengthen your nerves. So if you do not have enough of them, any parts of your body is prone to numbness.
Hypertension is also a cause for numb hands. This is due to the increase in blood flow caused by rigorous pumping of the heart. Therefore, some cells in your body will not get enough oxygen due to this fast transport of blood cells, thus you will feel numbing of hands. Let us beat hand numbness today. Now you know the causes.
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