Itchy Back Skin With Pimples

I know how hard and painful it is to have those back pimples. Itchy back skin is the most prevalent problems among teenagers. However, this is also possible among adults who are not able to scrub their backs.
How can we treat back pimples?

I once had them but the real solution is to first cure the pimples at the back. I used Panoxyl Soap. It is an expensive soap costing about P350. However, after 2 weeks the pimples on my back subsided. It is because the soap is an antibacterial soap. Moreover, you can use the soap on your face. Just make sure to apply skin moisturizer because Panoxyl can make your skin dry. Moreover, my derma recommended not to get exposed to sunlight while under treatment. Itchy back skin is because of the infections by back acne or back pimples. Treat it with the correct soap.

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