How to Cure Clogged Nose Using Home Remedy Treatment

It is very annoying to experience clogged nose. Actually, the main reason why we experience this is that our air passage way is blocked by the mucus in our nasal cavity. This can happen only if you have the symptoms of colds.

Itchy Back Skin With Pimples

I know how hard and painful it is to have those back pimples. Itchy back skin is the most prevalent problems among teenagers. However, this is also possible among adults who are not able to scrub their backs.

Numb Hands - Numbing of Hands Have Many Causes Like Peripheral Neuropathy

I know how terrible it is to experience numb hands. It seems like you are losing the control over your hands. Now, if you have panic attacks or OCD, this simple thing could get worse. However, there are some reasons why numbing of hands happen.


What's The Cause of Hand Numbness - Arms and Hands Go Numb Easily

It is weird for your hands to go numb easily and frequently. While there are no immediate concerns, there may be serious conditions that you need to know. The cause of hand numbness can be narrowed down first to two common reasons.Hand numbness and tingling causes may be attributed to diabetes.

What Does Numb Hands Mean - Why Do I Get Numb Easily

What does numb hands mean could lead to at least two reasons. First, you may not know it but you probably have carpal tunnel syndrome. Second, tingling of hands and numbness of limbs may be a sign of type 2 diabetes.

Weird Tingling Lips Causes Could Be Multiple Sclerosis Or Diabetes Symptom

It is really annoying to have tingling lips. Usually, the sensation is numb lips but tingling is more prevalent. What is the possible cause of tingling lips? While there are benign reasons, one should also be aware of this possible multiple sclerosis symptom or diabetes symptom.


Tingling Arm Cause Could Be Due To Nerve Damage Or Even Diabetes - Tingling Arms At Night

As you age, you will experience tingling arm or even tingling legs. These are all symptoms of possible nerve damage or diabetes. However, tingling arms or tingling toes could also be felt as hand numbness. If this is the case, there is a possibility that you are suffering from a nerve illness, multiple sclerosis or increased sugar in the blood.