What Does Numb Hands Mean - Why Do I Get Numb Easily

What does numb hands mean could lead to at least two reasons. First, you may not know it but you probably have carpal tunnel syndrome. Second, tingling of hands and numbness of limbs may be a sign of type 2 diabetes.
If you are having such numb hands and tingling sensation, you need to understand the causes.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the weakening of the nerves in your wrist joint. This happens unnoticed when you use non-ergonomic things. It can also happen when you frequently lift heavy or straining objects.
On the other hand, diabetes involves numbing and tingling in body parts dues to increase sugar level in the blood. Be careful as this will progress if left untreated. Some other related conditions are numbness in the foot and legs.
If you can do some hand and wrist exercise, then the better. You need to know whether you have carpal tunnel syndrome or diabetes.
Meanwhile, stress, fatigue and anxiety all induce numbness in any body parts since your hormones are imbalanced. What does numb hands mean should be an answerable question with this article.

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